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The Act of Love while Navigating Change.

Unless you are completely disconnected from society, you are aware that on June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal across all 50 states.  If you, as an individual, have not previously taken a major stand for or against same-sex marriage, today is actually not the day to do so.  If you haven’t been moved to express public opinion until now, before saying anything, stop and ask yourself why. Our passions should not emerge when personal beliefs do not line up with popular opinion. Speak up when it matters to you, not when society urges that you do so. Only then, will you be compelled to action. Very little has ever been changed via a short-tempered monologue on social media. Real change happens in real life.  So what is happening in real life?

Young adults are trying to figure out how to navigate in a world that is nothing like our parents.  It’s difficult to seek direction from those who have not faced the same challenges that we face today.  Our sins are forgiven by God, but not forgiven by others as internet reminders continue to expose wounds we so desperately want shut. Our opinions now have a larger platform that doesn’t require vetting before execution.  The mantra of thinking before we speak has been erased by 140 characters.  Our basic notions of black and white have ceased to exist. Gender, race, and sexuality have entered into a new era where what we see may not necessarily be what we thought…and for some, this is an amazing revolution, but for others, it’s quite confusing if not angering. And yet, here we are.

In a time where change appears to be the only true constant, there is an important action that remains the same – and that’s God’s love for us.  His mercy and compassion transcends our shortcomings and provides us with a divine example as to how we should treat others.  His requirement for us to love others as we love ourselves stands the test of time, emotion, and legislation. If anyone has ever desired an opportunity to witness to others about the God we serve, now is the time to do so. This legislation has provided every person who considers themselves a Christian with the opportunity to show God’s character in the way we conduct our lives, especially in regard to how we treat others.  Christ has asked of us to love others as we love ourselves… and if we really know what it means to love ourselves, we know the importance of respect.

That means it’s not okay to chastise others for not thinking the way you do.  It’s not okay to expect others to agree with your values.  It’s not okay to enter into any conversation with a judgmental attitude. If in our actions Christ’s love isn’t present, it doesn’t matter where we stand on any issue because we are misrepresenting the character of Christ. Debating legislative rulings isn’t mandatory to our spiritual welfare, despite what anyone would have you to believe… but knowing God is.

To know God is to experience God, and to experience God is to forsake self and take on His character.  As we do this, we begin to know what it means to love God with all of our hearts and how we can let that love shine through to those around us.  It’s with that love and devotion to God that we can treat others with kindness, even when they don’t agree with our personal values and morals. It’s the kind of love that mirrors the way God treats us, even when we disobey. In a time where we are trying to figure out what we stand for, remember to hold onto God.  Today may not be the day we figure it all out, but it is the day when we find out how to live love as an action.

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Love’s an action
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