Finding Comfort & Peace

Separated from God

God is never separated from us.

Have you ever pulled apart your home in search of the simplest item? I have- because when I have set my mind on needing to find something, I’m committed to finding it at all costs. Once I do, I usually look around at pillows strewn about, drawers left open, and papers scattered. I’ve asked myself – was it worth it? The answer is always the same – yes, yes it was.

But if Not.

The “but if nots” are difficult words to say because they indicate that even when God’s will does not align with our own, we still follow. Fear won’t win.

The Recognition of God’s Presence

The Recognition of God’s Presence

If you have ever asked yourself – where is God – you are not alone. Placing trust in what we cannot see is not easy when God’s silence feels like abandonment and our situations remain stagnant. So how do we trust Him when we feel like we can’t? We first start by finding reasons to be thankful. When we focus on our blessings that exist in the present, we begin to understand that we are still in God’s presence.

Surviving Politics and Crises

Surviving Politics: What is our response to crises?

At the root of our political climate is a series of crises that demand responses. To turn on the news is to accept that as individuals, we may never be able to combat all of them. As children of God, however, we cannot turn our backs on what is happening around us, because God is in us.

A love letter to us as we fight racial injustice

We Are Black Diamonds.

The media has us focused on our anger… and we have every right to be angry. Yet with all of the attention on the atrocities and unfairness that surround us, I felt ever so deeply to write you a love letter. I wanted to take a moment and send you a smile…I wanted to remind you that no matter what is happening around us, there is beauty in the strength that runs through our veins.

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