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God will judge us for our silence and inaction

God will judge us for inaction and for our silence

When we’re inspired to hate or fear a group of people, we dehumanize them to the point of complete indifference. Their lives matter less and less, while the importance of keep our lives as is, matters more and more. When asked to fight for justice and to make the tough choices, often we won’t – the price of disruption is too high.

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Strength in Obedience

There is Power in Obedience

The Bible is filled with examples of people, who when called by God, answered with hesitation. Moses, Esther, Jonah – all called, all unsure. In the case of Gideon, he too had reservations when he was called to save the Israelites. Although the Lord recognized Gideon’s spirit of strength and courage – as he secretly threshed wheat to feed his family – Gideon could not see that for himself.

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Mustard Seed Faith

Mustard Seed Faith

Experiencing the power of God does not make us immune to doubt. For the challenges that we have yet to overcome and the promises that we are waiting to see bloom, patience and faith can start to grow weary with time. For matters furthest from the heart, having faith can seem so simple – almost to the point of making us believe we are impenetrable.

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Is Jesus Coming Back

Is Jesus Coming Back?

It’s the question that’s losing interest and a promise that has seemed to fall a bit short. Is Jesus coming back? Is this it? Are we approaching the end? Do we even believe there really is an end? And for those of us yelling from the rooftops that we indeed believe Jesus is coming back, we have to be honest and ask ourselves if our actions reflect that ideology.

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To Stand For What is Right - Integrity

To Stand for What is Right

To stand for what is right, can put us on the fringes of societal opinion. It can isolate us from those we care about and the people we interact with on a daily basis. At times, these pressures cause us to stay silent. Yet every day, there are people who are willing to take a stand for causes that go so far against what God would have for us.

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Separated from God

God is never separated from us.

Have you ever pulled apart your home in search of the simplest item? I have- because when I have set my mind on needing to find something, I’m committed to finding it at all costs. Once I do, I usually look around at pillows strewn about, drawers left open, and papers scattered. I’ve asked myself – was it worth it? The answer is always the same – yes, yes it was.

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